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Rather's Claim of No Liberal Media Bias Doesn't Pass Laugh Test

COMMENTARY | Dan Rather, who was forced to resign from CBS News in disgrace, appeared on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" and denied that liberal bias exists in the newsrooms of network news organizations, according to the Daily Caller.

Sidney student reaches goal of winning Teen Queen title

Jade Brunsvold, the 17-year-old daughter of Lance and Mary Jo Brunsvold of Sidney, won the title of Teen Queen during the 2012 Miss Southeastern Montana Rodeo Pageant that was held at the Miles City C

Portland, Ore., is a smaller, cleaner, wetter alternative

The Portland Hop. I know, it sounds like a dance craze in 1937. But really, it's what you do when lifes gets you down and you need to drink small-batch beer, eat Northwestern locavore meals and see bike commuters in the rain. My wife, daughter and I hit Portland, Ore., for a few days last August. Here's the report.

Typefaces for the food-obsessed: sachertorte and brownies

Sachertorte_Specimen05For some people, and you know who you are, it’s food, food, food all the time. Which is why you might need this new typeface from Ten Dollar Fonts. It’s called Sachertorte and is influenced by the atmosphere of Vienna.

Rasha Said wedding: Wafic's daughter marries Khaled Khawaja at Palace of Versailles

She made a name for herself by donating to the Tories, but there was nothing conservative about Rasha Said and Khaled Khawaja's extravagant French wedding.

Quilters find a home for creating, displaying quilts at the library

Local quilters enjoy working relationship they have established with the Gig Harbor library.

Monotype releases font suite for mobile developers

Promising easier font rendering and wider language support, Monotype Imaging launches a mobile suite for Android developers. Originally posted at News – Mobile

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