Printable Halloween Stencils – Your Shortcut to Designing and Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

halloween pumpkinCarving the annual Halloween pumpkin can be a daunting task: choosing a suitable pumpkin, getting the right tools, and cleaning out the seeds and insides are not always easy or clean task for anyone to perform.

A recurring problem many amateur pumpkin carvers may encounter is creating and applying a design to carve into the pumpkin’s tough rind. Sure, the traditional Jack ‘O Lantern face commonly seen in many Halloween themed images is a well-loved classic and not too difficult to recreate, but it is also nice to depart from the norm and try a more uncommon design to inspire fright and creativity on the scariest night of the year.

Many will try to draw out and design their own, but poor planning in this area can lead to problems later on, such as the pumpkin collapsing or badly placed features of the design.

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An increasingly popular trend with the advent of more personal computers and printers in the household has given birth to a new concept: printable Halloween stencils. Many websites dedicated to this idea will host many professional designs and stencils available to conveniently print out and use directly with the pumpkin being carved, as accurately as a connect-the-dots image, along with instructions simple enough that a child may understand them.

Seasoned pumpkin carvers may also benefit from this free-to-use service; one needs not stick with the printed design completely. Changes can be made to the design to make the pumpkin creation more original, with the printable stencil used only as a base or “skeleton” (forgive the pun) to place the features in the correct position and orientation.

And who is to say that the only design appropriate for a pumpkin is a scary smiling face? Other designs, such as frightened cats or witches or crescent moons may also be available as pumpkin stencils, to add a bit of variety and spice to your doorstep on Halloween night.

In some websites or similar communities, users may even submit their own creations and stencils for others to use, giving one an extensive and growing stencil library to pull designs and ideas from. Considering how easy it is to pull up a free stencil and printing it out, it’s a small wonder that printable Halloween stencils are as popular as they are today.

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