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Six Lazy Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

It’s not just willpower and self-control that help you to get things done. You can pull little tricks on your brain to make it work harder, such as adjusting the temperature or looking at cute pictures of animals. Here are a few scientifically supported ways to boost your productivity without even trying. More »  

Blind patient can "see" Braille with eye implant

Microchip in blind patient's eye lets him "see" by beaming images of Braille directly to his brain.

This is your brain on Oregon Trail: Lessons learned from a childhood of gaming

Gaming isn’t the violence-inducing waste of time it’s sometimesmade out to be. Here are some important life lessons I learned from my childhood screen time.

Stefan Sirucek: Book Review: Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason

If you could spend an hour inside Mike Sacks’ brain you would probably get lost. You might also find yourself giggling uncontrollably or wind up sobbing in a ball on the floor. (22 hours ago)