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Girls on Film: The Heat breaks new ground by not being groundbreaking

Critics have attacked the film for failing to rise above the conventions of a buddy-cop comedy even though that's exactly the point

Suffragette comedy based on Banbury

A new audience-based BBC4 sitcom telling the fictional story of the Banbury suffragette movement is being filmed in the next couple of weeks.

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita launch neckwear line called Tie the Knot

It's a fashion statement with political and personal ties. Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays the red-haired lawyer half of a gay couple on the hit ABC comedy "Modern Family," and his real-life partner, Justin Mikita, are mixing fashion with political activism.

Theater review: CVLT’s Yankee Tavern? a tasty cup of conspiracy

All good conspiracies are a delicate combination of undeniable fact and plausible fabrication, creating dynamic tension between the two. So too is Yankee Tavern,? an entertaining amalgamation of comedy and mystery that explores the events surrounding 9/11.

Press Tour Roundup: Fake Tv Shows Created In A State Of Semi-madness

During press tour, I spent some of my time on Twitter inventing fake TV shows. If you’ve always wanted to see a comedy about a female vet called Dr. Kitty , you have come to the right place. (1 day ago)