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San Diego gay couple sends out wedding invitations

SAN DIEGO, CA Roman Jimenez and his boyfriend, an undercover Federal Law Enforcement officer, just moved into a new home. And like many couples, they want to build a life together. So these are our wedding invitations we’ve been

Two faiths, one love: tell us about your interreligious union

CBC News is seeking the stories of couples who have different religious traditions – particularly if both partners, or their families, are very religious. Are religious differences necessarily a source of tension, or can the blend not only survive, but thrive?

Unnecessary wedding extras to ditch

Weddings can be a dear do. While many couples wish for a lavish wedding day, the reality is that many added extras have to be left out to free up the budget and time for the bigger things. It can be tricky knowing what to cull from your wedding plans, but here are 10 unnecessary extras for you to choose from. 

Readers share their special wedding memories

Whether it’s homemade decorations and personal touches or a few furry guests of honor, central Illinois couples go the extra mile to make their wedding days special.   Readers offered stories and photos plus some sage advice about what made their day truly one of a kind.

39;Unbridled showers' are on the rise

Hand out goody bags filled with mini wedding-ring coffins or ex-husband voodoo dolls. Ask everyone to bring a friend. Ex-couples who show up together win a prize.

Couples have until Friday to claim recovered wedding memories from county

MOUNT HOLLY Their vows may have been until death do they part, but the brides and grooms who fell victim to a crooked wedding photographer from Cinnaminson have only until Friday to claim the photo

Best bang for your buck

All couples want the most memorable weddings of their lives. Here are some invaluable tips to save on your big day.