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Irish Women Emerge From Shadows Of 'national Shame'

Thousands of women were taken into Magdalene Laundries, run by the Catholic Church, and forced to work without pay. The practice went on for decades after Ireland's independence, with the last one closing in 1996. For the first time, the state has acknowledged and apologized for its role in facilitating the practice.

Solana Beach art exhibit sheds light on stories of Hmong tribal life

In the 1960s, the United States employed the tribal Hmong people to fight what’s now known as The Secret War? in the highlands of Laos. And as the Southeast Asia conflict, which coincided with the Vietnam War, wound down in defeat for the native mountain people, they fled refugee camps in Thailand, where many stayed for decades.

Holiday card creativity is pushing the envelope

Scott and Rae Long have prepared two decades? worth of holiday greeting cards documenting their family’s growth from a young married couple to the parents of three.

Big day small budget

Decades of brides have walked down the aisle sporting something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue. Jessica Kavanagh’s clients can also boast something black the bottom line of their wedding day budget. (18 hours ago)

Decades of quilts on display

STEUBENVILLE – Squares, stars, batiks, scraps, embroidery and memories have all sewn together for the annual spring quilt show at Historic Fort Steuben Visitor Center on South Third Street. (1 hour ago)

Artificial retina helps some blind people discern objects, large print

For two decades, Eric Selby had been completely blind and dependent on a guide dog to get around. But after having an artificial retina put into his right eye, he can detect ordinary things like the curb and pavement when he’s walking outside. (5 hours ago)