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Why does everyone except Google want to build a reader?

With Google Reader about to be killed, — why is everyone getting on the “news reader bandwagon? What do Feedly, Digg, AOL, Facebook and LinkedIn know that Google doesn’t?

Lacoste celebrates 80 years with 12 customizable polo shirt kits

As Lacoste celebrates its 80th birthday this year, it is launching a series of 12 limited edition kits that will allow Lacoste fans to customize the brand's famous polo shirts. The kits will be available on the L-80-Store, accessible via the brand's Facebook page. 

Avon Historical Society Misses Out In Auction Of 19 t h Century Piece

Follow Your Town News On The Courant's Avon Facebook Page Local historians moved quickly when tipped off a few weeks ago about a chance to buy a piece of embroidery by a girl who lived in Avon during the 1820s. But the group missed getting the piece at auction by $9.

The Plot Thickens – By Tommy Purvis

Is a federal case against four homegrown terrorists? actually based on compelling evidence’or just a bunch hearsay and Facebook likes?? An underground jihadi e-zine made for a Western audience, Facebook activities, CIA assassinations, questionable weapons training and a paid confidential?

Facebook sued over App Center data sharing in Germany

German consumer organizations are suing Facebook because the social network keeps sharing personal data with third-party app makers without getting explicit consent from users.

Facebook Toying With Access To Users Younger Than 13

Facebook is experimenting with methods of opening up the social networking site to children younger than 13, the current cut-off age for joining the website, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Moms and families in Coles County use social medium Facebook to connect, plan activities and share ideas

MATTOON – "What's a mommy to do in Coles County?"