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Don't zero in only on math and science

In his inaugural address in January, President Barack Obama re-enforced his commitment to education and the need for a greater focus on the areas of math and science.

Will Windows 8 will bring Windows Phone into focus?

Just a few days after the Windows 8 launch, Microsoft's mobile platform gets the spotlight and some heavy support from the software giant and its partners. Originally posted at News – Mobile

RIM's future hangs on developer support for "new BlackBerry"

With its future up for grabs, Research in Motion at its annual BlackBerry World conference next week will focus on simplifying development for its soon-to-be-unveiled BlackBerry 10 operating system. HTML5 is one key technology in that strategy to create a viable ecosystem of applications for a new generation of mobile devices expected to ship by year-end.

Ochs Cleans Up the New York Times for Easier Reading and Navigation [Chrome Extensions]

Chromeextensions Chrome: The New York Times is lowering its free article allowance from 20 articles per month to 10 . Make those 10 page views more pragmatic with Ochs, a Chrome extension that slims down the toolbars, brings high-res art out front, and puts the focus on the reading. More »

Small community of South Fayette focus of big Marcellus Shale controversy

South Fayette is one of dozens of Pennsylvania communities to regulate gas drilling, but one of only two being sued by Range Resources for doing so. It’s a dispute that has turned South Fayette into an unlikely test case for drilling regulations across the Marcellus Shale region — and has thrust an issue of national resonance into the realm of small-town politics.

From darling to deadbeat: Best movie moms

In Hollywood, for every Mrs. Gump dishing out chocolates there’s a Mrs. Bates making her son into a psychopathic motel killer. Here’s a list of 10 memorable movies that focus on moms, good or bad. (7 hours ago)

Kraemer, Sobiek report on new business efforts

There were a few passing references to the current state budget fight at Monday night’s community development authority meeting, but most of the focus was on what is happening right here at home. (30 mins ago)