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Photographs show the decline in Ireland’s unique and beautiful shop fonts

Graphic designer Trevor Finnegan has been travelling around Ireland taking photos of the typography on Ireland’s old shops.

Hard-to-read fonts ‘can boost pupil results by up to a fifth’

Dyslexic children can dramatically improve their performance at school by reading in a difficult font.        

Venus: Package design is more than fonts and colors

There are more than 45,000 items in a typical grocery or big-box store. That's a very big number and a whole lot of items to choose from.

iPhone app lets you add snazzy fonts to your photos

It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s interesting. It’s pop culture. It’s out there.

This Jumpy Font Has Had a Few Too Many Cups of Coffee [Typography]

Typography There are all kinds of fonts out there, but they pretty much all have one thing in common: they're rigid. Typode, on the other hand, has its characters defined by coordinate so they can skew, stretch, twist, and do all kinds of neat-looking, hard-to-read tricks . More »

quot;Identical" by Ellen Hopkins is haunting, addictive poetry

Ellen Hopkins' many New York Times bestsellers seem to be a staple in the young adult display section of most bookstores. The thick, pithily titled novels are attention-grabbing: shiny metallic covers and dramatic, unconventional fonts dare you to s

A new Tiger on campus

In the past years, each athletic team has had their individual symbols, fonts and images. There has never truly been a consistent image for DePauw athletics as a whole until now. The above images are now the three official logos of DePauw athletic teams.