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Jeanine Matlow: Take time to savor the season to get over doldrums

I have to admit I've been feeling a bit melancholy this holiday season. Although that's out of character for me, I know I'm not alone.

Holiday Eating: A Survival Guide

The Thanksgiving meal is now behind us, but the holiday eating season is just beginning. Over the next couple of months, friends and family will call, party invitations will arrive, and busy schedules will mean holiday cheer bursting with waist-expanding calories.

Market Basket: Downtown pop-up shops to open for holiday season

At 2 o'clock today, the red-and-white ribbons wrapping the pop-up shop doors will be untied, marking an unofficial start of the holiday season in downtown South Bend.

Ruth Zukerman: Exercise and Holidays: 10 Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit

We’ve made it through Thanksgiving, and as we approach the meat of the holiday season (hopefully not with tighter jeans), there are still plenty of temptations to come. Here are some tips to stay the course and come out ahead.

Honest Eats: Mean what you eat

Bing Crosby croons over grocery store radios, lights adorn your neighbors? porches, and the first party invitations have arrived. The holiday season has arrived in full force, and that infamous 25-day countdown has begun.

Open house: Hernando merchants hope for brisk sales with holiday kickoff

Hernando merchants still dealing with recession-wary consumers hope to unwrap a profitable, business-boosting holiday season with the annual Christmas Open House retail kickoff this weekend.

Three keys to thwarting online thieves this holiday season

Online shopping is about to reach epic proportions. The Internet will soon buzz with party invitations and holiday wishes sent from afar. (13 hours ago)