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Blind patient can "see" Braille with eye implant

Microchip in blind patient's eye lets him "see" by beaming images of Braille directly to his brain.

A new Tiger on campus

In the past years, each athletic team has had their individual symbols, fonts and images. There has never truly been a consistent image for DePauw athletics as a whole until now. The above images are now the three official logos of DePauw athletic teams.

IMAGES: A look at top car logos of all times

Logos have a very important role to play in defining the personality of a car. Naturally, it's a well thought out strategy or in cases it is encapsulated by some interesting story.

Getting Started with Inkscape

Packt: “Use the fascinating Inkscape graphics editor to create attractive layout designs, images, and icons for your website” (8 hours ago)

Images: What you can expect to see at the LFW!

We bring you previews from collections by prominent designers, set to be showcased at Lakme Fashion Week today onward! (9 mins ago)

A Raggedy collection

Raggedy Ann and Andy have been a part of Sammantha Sorenson’s life since she was 7. Today, at the age of 29, images of the characters as well as the rag dolls themselves are placed throughout the Baker City home she shares with her husband, Beau, their dog, Rudy, and their cat, Licorice. (5 hours ago)