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Monterey golfers lead Division II

Four Monterey players shot in the high 70s Friday for a team score of 312.

Crane & Co. Announces New Vice President, Creative & Product Development

Feb. 1, 2012 – Crane & Co. announced the appointment of Rachel V. Ivey to the position of Vice President, Creative and Product Development. Ivey will lead the creative direction of the company's consumer division while incorporating an inventive fresh and modern aesthetic.

Follow other person’s lead with intro

Dear Miss Manners: The new Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Center at the university I work for hosted a cocktail party to which all interested people’faculty, staff or students were invited.

Trump: Torture was needed to catch bin Laden

Potential presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Wednesday that if torture helped lead U.S. intelligence officials to Osama bin Laden, he’s all for it. (7 hours ago)

HIGH SCHOOLS: Instasi leads Southeastern Regional to 38-6 football romp

Southeastern Regional’s Daryl Instasi rushed for 107 yards, including a 71-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, to lead the Hawks to a 38-6 win over Bishop Connolly Saturday at Fall River. (11 hours ago)