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Wedding vendors look to cash in on same-sex marriage

Merchants in Baltimore for Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo When Maryland merchants talk about the recent legalization of same-sex marriage, they sometimes talk of broad, lofty themes: Equality. Justice. Civil rights.

Md. Same-sex Couples Prepare To Legally Wed In January

An opinion from Maryland's Attorney General could make it a very happy New Year for some same-sex couples. Starting later this week, they can apply for a marriage license so that they can be married on January 1 instead of January 4.

Maryland Gay Couple Invites "Yes" Voters to Their Wedding

Chris and Shawn Riley, a gay couple from Elkridge, Maryland, have a lot of wedding invitations to send out: In the run-up to Question 6–the amendment that legalized marriage equality in the state–Chris posted a Reddit thread inviting anyone who voted for the measure to their nuptials next year.

Furst Draft: Dialogues to examine voter ID amendment

Since January, more than $7 million has been invested in making you aware of the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota. There's no lack of information on the marriage amendment. But how

Jay Chou disses paparazzo due to offensive questions

The Taiwanese superstar made a nasty remark towards a paparazzo for hounding him with marriage questions

Kareena's wedding close to my heart: Manish Malhotra

Celebrity fashion designer Manish Malhotra says the marriage ceremony is like a family affair to him.

Chicago Demotic Dictionary refines knowledge of influential language

A dictionary of thousands of words chronicling the everyday lives of people in ancient Egypt’including what taxes they paid, what they expected in a marriage and how much work they had to do for the government’has been completed by scholars at the University of Chicago.