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Daintree’s new manager says gay cake-toppers are more than welcome

The store is now under new ownership and has already been stocked with same sex wedding invitations.

A New Wildlife Policy Makes Etsy a Whole Lot Cuter

Right now these are some things you can find on the popular crafts web store Etsy: steampunk accessories, from mustache wax to battered leather messenger bags, jewelry organizers made of old picture frames, wedding invitations, and also lion pelts. The difference you'll be seeing soon: No lion pelts. In fact, no endangered or threatened animal anything.

Get invited

In wedding invitations, you will likely see these four letters RSVP (Répondez s’il vous plait) or please reply to this request for confirmation if you will be attending or not. The invitation card is your passport to the occasion.

San Diego gay couple sends out wedding invitations

SAN DIEGO, CA Roman Jimenez and his boyfriend, an undercover Federal Law Enforcement officer, just moved into a new home. And like many couples, they want to build a life together. So these are our wedding invitations we’ve been

Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo’s Wedding Invitations Have a Typo

The couple are counting down to their June 1 nuptials and revealing details of the big day

Carolyn Hax: There is no right way to request cash on wedding invitations

Dearest Carolyn : My daughter would like to request cash versus the usual wedding gifts. How would you go about wording this request? We are trying not to sound too harsh. I thought I read about this idea in one of your previous columns. — T. Dearest T.: Trying to soften me up?

These Circuit Board Wedding Invitations Are Perfect for Any Geeks in Love

Diy When Bill and Mara decided to have a geeky wedding, they realized they needed geeky wedding invitations. And what better way to show off their 'circuits and swirl' theme than to create a circuit board invitation. More »